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Running mad as often as I chuse

but never fainting...

26 February
I just realised it's been *forever* since I updated my Bio.

So as of 12/19/2006 here's my bio:

24 year old female that has lived in 3 countries, 7 states and countless cities. I've been engaged, but that didn't work out. I'm an anglophile, a Jane Austen addict and a sentimental old fool. My best friend is the coolest punk rock chick in all of Idaho - it's a shame I don't see her very often.

I graduated from the University of Kentucky, after attending 2 other Universities. I meant to go to grad school, but I just can't see competing for something I don't really want anymore.

I'm a Social Worker for the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you expect me to talk about work, that's not going to happen. I only give details to people I actually know and in turn can trust.

I think that's enough.

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